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The Dark Side of Light (Gus Reyes)

The Dark Side of Light (Gus Reyes)


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Powerful psychological thriller based on the true story of a serial killer who was sentenced to an electric chair execution and survived it.  This criminal justifies his murderers in the belief he’s a God’s chosen that has fulfilled a liberation mission of his victims.  Using a symbolic language, this story exposes “Actions that prove killing in God’s name is an excuse to cover atrocious crimes”.

Gus Reyes’ music is a very insightful journey through Memo’s state of mind. It is sad, dark and obscure, but sad above anything else. The composer choses the Harp and the Piano in this case to create an Ostinato that portrays the movement of the main character’s thoughts in his voyage of becoming a religious serial killer.  Sacred music has been a great inspiration and it culminates in the Requiem. A very sensible and emotional score and a name to remember, Gus Reyes.

MMS14007/KRONCD040 • THE DARK SIDE OF LIGHT (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by GUS REYES
Release date (CD/digital): April 29, 2014


1  The Dark Side of Light 3:02
2 My Name is… 1:52
3 Memories 1:54
4 Hidden Past 2:54
5 The Mirror that Looks at Me 1:37
6 She and I 1:14
7 He was my Son… 2:02
8. Blood and Alcohol Dreams 4:00
9 The Beginning of the End 2:42
10 Thus Began my Madness 3:46
11 My Enemy and I 4:20
12 Divine Mission 4:55
13 Cleansing Water 2:50
14 Death and Redemption 4:28
15 Swearing Revenge 1:52
16 Reliving the Nightmare 2:44
17 The Dark Side Requiem 4:38
18 Didn’t You See Good 3:18
19 Don’t Cry 3:06
20. The Dark Side of Light 11:44

    The Dark Side of Light (Gus Reyes)