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The Farm (Sergei Stern)

The Farm (Sergei Stern)


ScreamWorks Records opens up the new year with the chilling score to a roadside attraction you should never stop at. Written and directed Hans Stjernswärd, The Farm  tells the story of a young couple who get kidnapped and treated like farm animals after stopping at a roadside diner to eat meat. Characterized by little dialogue and a lot of atmosphere, the film takes us to an alternate reality where humans live through the same things animals go through before they land on the plates – and then some…

The score ranges from the maniac strings of the “Main Title” to the more experimental and disturbing material for the protagonists’ descent into animaldom. As composer Sergei Stern explains: “The goal of this soundtrack was to create a unique palette of live instruments, human voice and organic sound design built on unconventional harmonies, catchy motifs and unpredictable counterpoint that would portray the story of the film the right and, at the same time, weird way.” The last piece entitled “On My Land” is an original ‘folk’ song that was written and performed by me which tells a story of a farmer running in contrast to the actual horrific farm from the film where the song is playing from the local radio.

Sergei Stern is a classically trained composer with music band background and a deep interest in electronic music. He has scored seven feature films and over 80 short films, while his music can be heard in various feature films, TV shows and video games. The Farm marks his soundtrack release debut, while the film itself is his fourth collaboration with director ns Stjernswärd, following the short films Gepetto, Lady in Red and Rapunzel.

SWR19001 THE FARM (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by SERGEI STERN
Release date (digital): January 18, 2019


1 Main Title 2:00
2 The Farm 1:35
3 Killing and Feeding 2:53
4 Under 2:13
5 Ken Baby 2:29
6 Alec 4:11
7 Milk Cows 1:49
8 Wake Up 2:13
9 Last Supper 5:29
10 On My Land 4:07

    The Farm (Sergei Stern)