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The Legend of the War Horse (Anne-Kathrin Dern & Daniel James)

The Legend of the War Horse (Anne-Kathrin Dern & Daniel James)


Besides film scores, MovieScore Media has issued music to all kinds of cinematically influenced shows from gladiatorial battles and to retrospective fashion-themed exhibitions. The latest addition to this catalogue comes courtesy of composers Anne-Kathrin Dern and Daniel James with The Legend of the War Horse.  The story is about a Mongolian soldier who leaves his home for battle to protect his family. The music was specifically written for an open air play in Mongolia, featuring hundreds of horses as well as aerial performances.

As composer Anne-Kathrin Dern recalls: “Throughout the story we get several flashbacks to his home life until he dies in the final battle. Mongolia is known for its magnificent horses and their historic cavalry. In order to capture this story, we worked closely with folk musicians from Mongolia who recorded plenty of traditional vocals and instruments for us, such as the Matouqin and their unique throat singing. We then went to London to record the world-class musicians from the London Metropolitan Orchestra with Jake Jackson engineering at AIR Studios. The result is the best of both worlds – traditional Mongolian folk melodies combined with Western orchestral music.”

Born in Eutin, Germany, Anne-Kathrin Dern graduated from the UCLA Film Scoring program. She started out working as a sample developer and percussion library programmer before getting her first mock-up commission on the Alan Menken/Christopher Lennertz medieval comedy Galavant. As a composer, her traditionally melodic writing can be enjoyed in such films as  Lilly’s Bewitched Christmas (2017), and Help I Shrunk My Parents (2018), as well as her collaborations with Klaus Badelt, most notably on the 3D animated ballerina movie Leap! (2016). MovieScore Media has previously released The Jade Pendant and Lilly’s Bewitched Christmas from her filmography.

MMS19040 THE LEGEND OF THE WAR HORSE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (digital): November 29, 2019


1 Intro 2:35
2 Cavalry 3:25
3 Home 2:59
4 First Blood 2:38
5 Mother Earth 1:40
6 Fools 2:08
7 Horse Race 2:53
8 Love at First Sight 1:26
9 The Women Dance: Pt. 1 3:07
10 Sweet Breeze  2:30
11 Passion 2.54
12 Two Lovers 3:14
13 Birth and Ode To Life 3:06
14 The Women Dance: Pt. 22:00
15 Warrior’s Journey 5:35
16 A New Dawn 2:30
17 Final Battle 2:35
18 Fallen Warrior 3:13
19 Return of the Conqueror 2:42
20 He Is Not Coming Back 1:0021 Legendary White Horse 3:56
22 Remembrances 2:47
23 End of a Legend 1:42

    The Legend of the War Horse (Anne-Kathrin Dern & Daniel James)