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The Poker Club (Evan Evans)

The Poker Club (Evan Evans)


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Evan Evans’ score for The Poker Club is a very dark and sensual score which recalls the sound of Jerry Goldsmith’s film noir excursions, and its elegant ‘under-your-skin’ qualities may remind some listeners of Howard Shore’s finest scores. The Poker Club, which was released on DVD in the US on April 21, is a dark thriller starring Johnathon Schaech, Judy Reyes and Johnny Messner. It tells the story about four friends whose weekly poker night turns into a nightmare when they discover and accidentally kill a burglar.

Young composer Evan Evans, who is the son of legendary jazz icon Bill Evans, has crafted a score which effectively combines a live orchestra with electronic elements, with low brass clusters, sustained misterioso string writing and a sophisticated main theme at its core.

MMS08011 • THE POKER CLUB (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by EVAN EVANS
Release date: May 19, 2009


1 Main Titles 2.01
2 The Warehouse 3.05
3 The Poker Club 2.27
4 The Burglar Caught 2.28
5 The Plan 2.20
6 Waking Dream: Prank Call #1 0.50
7 Family 1.11
8 Cleanup 0.34
9 The Note 4.01
10 Need for Protection 2.32
11 Trudy 4.43
12 Death and Remorse 1.12
13 Hot Pursuit 1.54
14 Flyball 1.25
15 Crackhead 0.30
16 In Trouble 2.27
17 Bases Loaded 3.44
18 One More Hand 1.49

    The Poker Club (Evan Evans)