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The Red Canvas (James Peterson)

The Red Canvas (James Peterson)


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Already nominated for the Jerry Goldsmith Award at the V International Film Music Festival in Ùbeda, Spain, and the winner of the award for ‘Best Feature Soundtrack’ at the Action on Film International Film Festival, James Peterson’s score for The Red Canvas will blow fans of big, orchestral movie music away!

A rarity in modern film music, this is a score that is inspired by the legendary Miklós Rózsa – Peterson masterfully writes very maturely for orchestra, with beautiful motifs, themes and counterpoint! Written for large orchestra with an emphasis on brass (eight french horns, six trombones, four trumpets, two tuba) and a large string section (60 pieces), the music is definitely a musical adrenaline fest (the +11 minute ‘Ballet for Brawlers’ is atosnishing) – but the score never loses its focus on emotion.

As a bonus, this CD (which is over 66 minutes in duration) features Peterson’s eight part concert work ‘Moving Images Suite’, a delightful orchestral ode to film music. Enjoy!

MMS09025 • THE RED CANVAS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JAMES PETERSON
Release date (online): November 3, 2009.
Release date (CD): November 10, 2009


1 Out of the Darkness 1.56
2 Awaiting the News 2.22
3 Death and Resurrection I 3.41
4 A Great Fighter 2.01
5 Jazz Café 1.43
6 Johnny Likes Extortion 0.27
7 The Attic 1.30
8 Grease Monkey Prelude 1.44
9 Grease Monkey Brawl 3.01
10 Maria Cries 1.37
11 Calling All Gladiators 1.08
12 The Meeting 1.32
13 Death and Resurrection II 3.28
14 Bills and Tears 1.27
15 Jungle Rumble 1.36
16 Prayer 1.09
17 A Not-So-Conjugal Visit 2.50
18 Ballet for Brawlers 11.29

Moving Images Suite (bonus)
19 Moving Images Fanfare 0.31
20 The Sorcerer 1.56
21 Americana 3.35
22 A Quirky Machine 2.46
23 Moonlit Desert Chase 2.32
24 Pastorale 4.35
25 Transylvania: 1955 2.56
26 Epilogue 1.54

    The Red Canvas (James Peterson)