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The Room (Raf Keunen)

The Room (Raf Keunen)


Following up on The Spy, MovieScore Media brings outs its fourth release with Belgian composer Raf Keunen (Racer and the Jailbird, Jeux d’influence). Directed by Christian Volckman, The Room follows young couple Kate (Olga Kurylenko) and Matt (Kevin Janssens) as they move into a secluded mansion where they discover a strange secret room that holds the power to turn all their wishes reality. Millions of dollars, the original of Van Gogh and the most luxurious outfits – whatever they want, instantly materializes. One day, Kate decides to ask the room to grant them the child they haven’t been able to conceive. But their initial happiness from this blessing will have unforeseen consequences…

As Raf Keunen explains: ”Although The Room is a sci-fi thriller, we wanted as well an emotional approach. We used a lot of cello effects on top of all the sounds we created especially for the movie, using for instance a bike and a washing machine to create a unique and distinctive, but still organic sound. I also wrote a lullaby for the unborn child before the shoot was to commence and Olga Kurylenko played it live on set.”

Raf Keunen studied composition and orchestration at the Royal Music School of Brussels. He started his career by writing for the shorts of Michael R. Roskam with whom he eventually collaborated on the Oscar-nominated crime thriller Bullhead. His other important collaborator include Roel Mondelaers with whom he worked on Plan Bart (2014) and Kamen Kalev for whom he scored Tête Baissée (2015). More recently Raf has composed for the short Dead of a Shadow which itself was a nominee at the Oscars Academy 2013. His scores for Le fidéle (Racer and the Jailbird), Jeux d’influence and The Spy were also issued by MovieScore Media. Raf’s other recent projects include Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’s latest series, Laëtitia.

MMS19038 THE ROOM (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by RAF KEUNEN
Release date (digital): November 22, 2019


1 Theme from “La Maladroite” 1:53
2 A Year Ago 1:11
3 The Swimming Pool 1:28
4 Stella Disappeared 1:24
5 Changing Schools 2:05
6 Forensic Medicine 2:51
7 Ghislain and Stella 1:43
8 New School Year 2:45
9 Searching for Stella 3:46
10 Interrogating the Dubois 1:36
11 Dirty Hands 1:35
12 Emma’s Audition 1:51
13 She Told Us 0:52
14 Last School Year 2:39

    The Room (Raf Keunen)