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The Secret of Moonacre (Christian Henson)

The Secret of Moonacre (Christian Henson)


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Based on Elizabeth Goudge’s award-winning children’s book The Little White Horse, The Secret of Moonacre is an epic adventure film directed by Gabor Csupo, who made the acclaimed Walt Disney family movie Bridge to Terabithia, and starring Ioan Gruffudd, Tim Curry and Natascha McElhone.

The inspired orchestral score by Christian Henson (Severance, Chasing Liberty) reflects the elegance and magic of the story, and is a colourful fantasy film score in the best of cinematic traditions. Beautiful themes, dark and foreboding suspense music, exciting action music and moments of both innocence and humour form the backbone of the soundtrack. Highly original portions of the score include glassware smashing and fingersnaps!

Album also features the song “Stars” featuring Skye. MovieScore Media’s digital release of the soundtrack album follows the wide theatrical release of the film in the UK on February 6, and the CD will be in stores on March 17.

MMS09006 • THE SECRET OF MOONACRE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by CHRISTIAN HENSON
Digital release date: February 17, 2009.
CD release date: March 17, 2009.


1 Opening Titles 2.31
2 The Journey to Moonacre 1.51
3 Robin Attacks / Arrival at Moonacre 0.59
4 Into the Book 3.45
5 Marmaduke Scarlet 2.10
6 Maria’s Room 1.31
7 Into the Forest 2.20
8 The Moonacre Curse 3.09
9 Milk and Cookies 1.19
10 Running from Moonacre / Loveday 1.40
11 The 5,000th Moon 2.40
12 “I’m Glad That You’re Back” 0.52
13 Maria Is Captured 4.45
14 The Two Moon Princesses 1.36
15 Maria Escapes 5.12
16 Apology Tango 1.26
17 Setting the Bait 1.33
18 The Search Begins 2.04
19 Robin and Wrolf Are Captured 1.40
20 Little White Horse Leads On / 21 Chase Through the Forest 5.55
22 Back Where It All Began 1.40
23 Maria’s Sacrifice 2.07
24 Sea Horses 2.25
25 Love Waltz 2.19
26 All’s Well That End’s Well 4.13
27 Stars (featuring Skye) 2.57

    The Secret of Moonacre (Christian Henson)