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The Spy (Spionen) (Raf Keunen)

The Spy (Spionen) (Raf Keunen)


MovieScore Media once again teams up with composer Raf Keunen (Racer and the Jailbird, Jeux d’Influence) to present the soundtrack to the Norwegian period espionage thriller The Spy (Spionen), directed by Jens Jonsson. The film is based on the incredible true story of actress Sonja Wigert (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal), who was one of the most popular divas of his age, a true star in Stockholm when World War broke out. When she becomes the center of attention for Nazi officer Josef Terboven (Alexander Scheer), Sonja is recruited by Swedish intelligence as a spy, while Terboven makes her spy on the Swedes in return.

“We wanted to use only acoustic instruments for The Spy, since the film takes place during World War II,” explains composer Raf Keunen about the project. “To add more contemporary effects, I’ve used piano strings in different formats: as a harp, as a drone note without the attack and as a percussion instrument.Since Sonja Wigert was a singer besides acting, we also wrote and recorded some songs before the shooting with a Brussels jazz orchestra and the Michelino Bisceglia Trio – these were all sung by Ingrid Bolsø Berdal and it was a lot of fun incorporating them into the story!”

Raf Keunen studied composition and orchestration at the Royal Music School of Brussels. He started his career by writing for the shorts of Michael R. Roskam with whom he eventually collaborated on the Oscar-nominated crime thriller Bullhead. His other important collaborator include Roel Mondelaers with whom he worked on Plan Bart (2014) and Kamen Kalev for whom he scored Tête Baissée (2015). More recently Raf has composed for the short Dead of a Shadow which itself was a nominee at the Oscars Academy 2013. His scores for Le fidéle (Racer and the Jailbird) and the ARTE miniseries Jeux d’influence were also issued by MovieScore Media. Raf’s other recent projects include Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’s latest series, Laëtitia and the score for The Room starring Olga Kurylenko.

MMS19034 THE SPY (Spionen) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by RAF KEUNEN
Release date (digital): November 8, 2019


1 You Wear Me Out (Big Band Version) 2:05 feat. Ingrid Bolsø Berdal
2 Taking Pictures 2:00
3 Invasion 1:16
4 The C Bureau 1:56
5 Is She Worth the Trouble 3:46
6 The Arrest 2:17
7 The Dinner 2:50
8 Harassment 1:02
9 Künstler Abendlied 2:42 – feat. Ingrid Bolsø Berdal
10 What To Do Now 2:01
11 Codename ‘Bill’ 0:45
12 Love Theme 1:45
13 Prison Speech 1:42
14 A Real Spy 0:46
15 Move to New York 1:24
16 Apple 1:32
17 Another Love 0:32
18 Spying 3:44
19 War Pictures 1:04
20 Dear Mom 3:37
21 A Leak 2:02
22 I Could Live Like This 2:14
23 Finding Something 1:54
24 Busted 0:28
25 Olsson’s Photo 1:45
26 The Letter 1:28
27 Patrik 2:01
28 I Know Who You Are 1:51
29 Cabin Search 1:47
30 For Sonja 4:29
31 You Wear Me Out (Trio Version) 2:52 – feat. Monique Harcum

Norway/Sweden artwork.
    The Spy (Spionen) (Raf Keunen)