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W. – Witse the Film (Johan Hoogewijs)

W. – Witse the Film (Johan Hoogewijs)


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It’s a beautiful little score that sets a melancholy tone from the onset and maintains it throughout its 45 minutes running time. There’s a wonderful European sentiment here, and a lyrical theme with a few nice twists and turns of its own. (Pete Simons, Synchrotones)

Each track is unique and added sufficient flavor and excitement to make me wonder just what this film was about.  I highly recommend it as a stand alone album, simply for the uniqueness and beauty of its sound.  (Melissa Minners, G-Pop)

W. – Witse de Film is the feature-length conclusion of the popular Belgian detective series of the same name. Starring Hubert Damen as the titular investigator, Witse was an immensely influential crime procedural made by VRT and broadcast on their één channel. The program ran for nine seasons between 2004-2012 and was followed by a literary franchise as well. Directed by Frank van Mechelen, W. – Witse de Film takes the retired detective back to his roots as he tries to close his career by finding the killer of his niece.

Flemish composer Johan Hoogewijs’ music for W. marks an impressive branching out from the medium of television into the medium of film. As the main composer of the show, Hoogewijs was allowed to adapt and conclude his own themes in a satisfying manner as Witse has to solve his toughest case yet. Album highlights include the passionate “Between the Crosses” and “A Bridge Too Far” which contains the score’s hallmark of nervous string patterns. The recording features live strings conducted by Marc Steylaerts, piano solos by Kim Van den Brempt, timpani by Carlo Willems with synths and additional piano parts performed by the composer himself.

This is our second release with the composer whose score for Life in One Day was released by MovieScore Media in 2009. MovieScore Media’s release of W. – Witse de Film follows the film’s Belgian premiere on March 5, 2014.

MMS14017 • W. – WITSE THE FILM (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JOHAN HOOGEWIJS
Release date (digital): March 18, 2014


1 Between The Crosses 1:30
2 Unexpected Visit 1:52
3 Tracing Dax 1:57
4 Mortuary 1:56
5 Dreaming in Bed 0:54
6 Dicky’s Confession 2:38
7 Reunited 1:01
8 Repentance 1:05
9 Branded 2:48
10 Surprise 0:34
11 Here Comes Colette 1:41
12 Looking for Traces 1:29
13 Secretly 0:57
14 Obsession 1:02
15 Exhausted 1:31
16 Memories 1:16
17 W. as Bait 1:01
18 Dax Takes the Bait 0:53
19 Appointment at the Marketplace 2:39
20 Pictures on the Walls 1:03
21 Casino 2:06
22 Message from Dax 1:21
23 Photo Album 2:13
24 Lantern 0:40
25 A Bridge Too Far 1:34
26 Chained 2:27
27 Back to Brussels 2:40
28 Piano Improv 2:28


    W. – Witse the Film (Johan Hoogewijs)