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Wildwitch (Flemming Nordkrog)

Wildwitch (Flemming Nordkrog)


Co-inciding with the theatrical release of the film in Denmark and Germany, MovieScore Media releases Danish composer Flemming Nordkrog’s highly original fantasy score for Kaspar Munk’s family movie Wildwitch. Based on the popular book series by Lene Kaaberbøl, the movie tells the story of 12-year-old Clara who lives like any other girl until one day a mysterious black cat scratches her. Clara soon discovers that she can communicate with the cat and that she belongs to a family of Wildwitches with a strong connection to nature and animals. Together with her mentor aunt Isa and her friends, Kahla and Oscar, Clara must face her destiny and embark on a dangerous journey in order to save herself and the Wildworld from the ancient evil witch, Bravita Bloodyoung.

“I wanted to create a music that reflected the cold and misty nature present in the film, but also the spiritual evolution of Clara, our 12-year old main character” says Flemming Nordkrog about his contributions. “The music had to be fragile, mysterious and very organic. I wrote most of the musical themes and textures before the shooting of the film, working solely on paper and piano before I went on doing some very free-floating recordings of my ideas, with different groups of musicians. First the female voice, representing Clara, then a duo of cello and bass, a duo of alto flute and clarinet and a 30 piece string orchestra. The recorded material became the musical DNA of the film and my musical building blocks throughout my work on the film.“

Danish composer Flemming Nordkrog has been writing music to accompany motion pictures since 1996. Over the years, it has amounted to more than 100 productions – from feature films, short fiction to documentaries and TV-series. Since 2002 Flemming Nordkrog has started to work internationally, and has worked on several projects in France, Belgium and USA. His recent credits include Philippe Lioret’s Le fils de Jean, Max Kestner’s Arctic-themed documentary Slette omstændigheder and the French drama series Chefs. Flemming is currently working on the Brazilian feature film Shine Your Eyes and the Danish TV series Follow the Money.

MMS18019 • WILDWITCH (Original Motion Picture Score)
Release date (digital): October 12, 2018


1 I’m the Wildest Witch 2:47
2 Cat Fever 1:53
3 Clara’s Hymn 2:22
4 Toad Poison and Spit of Snake 1:56
5 Entering the Wildworld 3:30
6 Witch Child, Come with Me 2:20
7 And Suddenly I Have an Aunt 1:58
8 Let Your Senses Tell You Where to Look 2:13
9 How to Become a Wildwitch 1:40
10 The Chosen One 2:16
11 Too Many Questions, Witch Child 2:00
12 Mostly Cat 4:09
13 The Raven Mothers 2:59
14 The Oath of the Wildwitches 3:55
15 The Glow of Hundreds of Fire-Lizards 1:37
16 Opening the Wildway 3;05
17 Chimera The Black Angel 3:01
18 Clara And Kahla 1:46
19 Bravita’s Grave 1:37
20 Clara’s Hymn Reprise 2:38
21 Coming Back From the High North 2:46
22 We Can’t Escape Who We Are 1:36


German artwork.

Danish artwork.

    Wildwitch (Flemming Nordkrog)