Cleanskin (Simon Lambros)


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“Highly effective in racking up the tension.” (The People’s Movies)

Well received by UK film ciritcs when it was released domestically in March, Hadi Hajaig’s action thriller starring Sean Bean and Charlotte Rampling features an intense and effective orchestral score by the talented Simon Lambros, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s a mature and dramatic score that propels action, underlines suspense and provides an emotional backdrop for the story – a score that in terms of style is somewhat akin to such genre works as James Newton Howard’s The Fugitive and John Powell’s music for the first three Bourne movies.

Simon Lambros has written film scores for more than a decade, but this is his first major feature film and a very impressive break-through it is. What better home for his first score album than MovieScore Media?

MMD0018 • CLEANSKIN (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by SIMON LAMBROS
Release date (digital only): September 18, 2012


1 Prelude 2:03
2 The Heist 4:30
3 Ash 3:22
4 Awaiting Orders 3:29
5 The Tip Off 3:40
6 Given a Mission 2:00
7 The Second Side Suicide Bomber 2:06
8 Any Leads? 1:54
9 The Hunt for Paul 2:16
10 End of a Relationship 2:28
11 Out of Time 2:12
12 The Kidnap 3:08
13 A New Beginning 2:50
14 No Turning Back 5:32
15 Aftermath 2:06
16 The Double Cross 3:24
17 Retribution 5:04

    Cleanskin (Simon Lambros)

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