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Journey from the Fall (Christopher Wong)

Journey from the Fall (Christopher Wong)


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The acclaimed, award winning drama Journey from the Fall tells the story about a Vietnamese family, tragically affected by the Vietnam War, who are forced to emigrate to America thirteen years after the end of the war. The deeply emotional, heartfelt and strikingly honest orchestral accompaniment to the film is the creation of young composer Christopher Wong, one of our most exciting “new discoveries” this year. He is a student of the legendary Jerry Goldsmith (Planet of the Apes, Basic Instinct, L.A. Confidential), and certainly a composer who has learnt a few important tricks by the late maestro: the importance of a strong theme to unify a score and the beauty of carefully figured out choices of instrumentation – while Journey from the Fall has its glowing moments of swelling strings, it’s most evocative writing is for solo instruments such as violin, piano, clarinet, guitar and the Dan Tranh, the traditional Vietnamese zither.

Our Journey from the Fall album also features bonus tracks from Christopher’s score for Victor Vu’s feature First Morning (winner of the Best Picture Award at the San Diego Asian American Film Festival) and the short The Anniversary, which was the first collboration between Christopher Wong and Journey from the Fall director Ham Tran.

Journey from the Fall was released on DVD on October 30.

CD edition is limited to 500 copies.

MMS07015 • JOURNEY FROM THE FALL (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by CHRISTOPHER WONG
Release date: November 20, 2007.


1 Legend of Le Loi 2.50
2 The Night Market 1.30
3 Fraternity 1.07
4 The Escape 1.48
5 Drifting in the Rain 2.22
6 Family Photos 1.13
7 The Promise 1.08
8 Packing Up 1.21
9 Life in the Camp 1.27
10 The Long Voyage 1.27
11 Finding Letters 1.58
12 Take the Family 1.00
13 Mai’s Decision 1.10
14 Holding Hands 0.58
15 A New Beginning 1.23
16 Journey from the Fall 7.54
17 The Anniversary: End Credits 2.36
18 First Morning: Going to the Fortune Teller 2.50
19 First Morning: The Truth of Linh 5.40
20 First Morning: Final Farewell 2.40
21 First Morning: Kim Ahn Dies 1.16
22 First Morning: First Morning 3.29

    Journey from the Fall (Christopher Wong)