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Like Minds (Murderous Intent)(Carlo Giacco)

Like Minds (Murderous Intent)(Carlo Giacco)


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Australian composer Carlo Giacco has created a chilling orchestral thriller score for Like Minds, starring Toni Collette, Eddie Redmayne and Tom Sturridge. The film, which is known as Murderous Intent in the USA, tells the story about a forensic psychologist who is appointed to determine whether there’s enough evidence to lay murder charges against a 17-year boy. Clearly evident in Giacco’s dark and foreboding music, which makes prominent use of murky string writing and slowly swelling low brass clusters, the story soon develops into a psychological drama with thriller elements.

Orchestrated and conducted by Giacco, the music was performed by the 70-piece Sydney Studio Orchestra, with the 32 voices of the choir Cantillation adding a special edge to several key moments in the score. The choir is also performing Giacco’s beautiful arrangement of Ludovico Da Viadana’s ‘Exultate Justi’ for the final of the album. Like Minds is MovieScore Media’s 30th score release and yet another one where we are introducing a new, highly talented composer to the international film music community. Carlo Giacco’s other credits include the acclaimed December Boys, which was just released theatrically in the USA, Slingshot and Safety in Numbers.

CD edition is limited to 500 copies.

MMS07014 • LIKE MINDS (Murderous Intent) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by CARLO GIACCO
Release date: November 27, 2007


1 Like Minds – Main Title 3.18
2 The New Boy 1.01
3 Sally’s Theme 2.04
4 Strong Arm Stuff 1.18
5 Twinning 0.38
6 Brotherhood 2.42
7 Teach Him A Lesson 0.47
8 Train Ride 0.39
9 Gestalt Theory 1.15
10 Josh’s Funeral 1.46
11 Susan 2.09
12 The Hand 0.33
13 Answers to Questions 1.56
14 Got a Night Planned 1.08
15 Nigel’s Parents House 1.10
16 Jack 4.20
17 Stay Away from Me 0.50
18 The Knife 3.12
19 Have You Seen Nigel? 0.45
20 Mackenzie at the School 2.14
21 Fingerprint Insurance 1.22
22 Sally Goes to the House 1.26
23 Under the House 4.04
24 Nigel’s Bible 3.27
25 My Beloved Maraclea 3.40
26 My Dearest Jack 0.55
27 She Was Chosen 2.41
28 It Will Never Be Over 1.23
29 Alex’s Bible 1.58
30 The Head’s Missing 2.39
31 Exsultate Justi 2.55
32 Like Minds – End Title 3.34

    Like Minds (Murderous Intent)(Carlo Giacco)