Merlin: Series Four (Rob Lane, Rohan Stevenson, James Gosling & Michal Pavlicek)


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Due to public demand, MovieScore Media follows up our two previous Merlin soundtracks from the first two seasons of the series with music from the third and fourth series. The music is composed by Rob Lane, Rohan Stevenson and James Gosling and newcomer Michal Pavlicek. Again, the series featured some of the most epic music written for the television medium in recent years. A lot of the score for the fourth season was in fact music written for previous seasons, rearranged and tailored to fit the new dramatic setting.

Our album features an excellent selection of the best music from the series: exquisite themes, exciting action scoring and many moments of awe and wonder.

Relive the magic of the Merlin series with the music – and be sure to get both this and the music for Series Three, also out now on MovieScore Media! Both album release co-incide with the launch of Series Five on BBC1.

MMS12011 • MERLIN: SERIES FOUR (Original Television Soundtrack)
Release date (digital): October 02, 2012
Release date (CD): October 23, 2012


1 Titles – The Strange Girl 4:41
2 Merlin and Morgana Duel 3:09
3 The Darkest Hour 1:01
4 The Burial 3:09
5 Arthur Asked to Lead 1:27
6 Arthur and the Madness of Love 4:53
7 The Nightmare and the Sidh 2:41
8 Cenred’s Kingdom 3:06
9 Oswald Ambushed 1:58
10 Morgana’s Hatred of Uther 2:13
11 Merlin Brews a Potion 1:24
12 Morgause’s Magic 4:18
13 Lancelot’s Fight 2:07
14 Ygraine’s Theme 3:53
15 Morgana Spared 3:57
16 Morgana Poisoned 3:23
17 The Bond of Sacrifice 2:17
18 Knights of the Round Table 4:16
19 The Labyrinth of Gedreth 2:43

    Merlin: Series Four (Rob Lane, Rohan Stevenson, James Gosling & Michal Pavlicek)

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