Pandorum (Michl Britsch)


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In collaboration with German soundtrack label Königskinder Music and Constantin Film, MovieScore Media will release the spine-chilling original score from Pandorum on CD on October 27. Scored by newcomer Michl Britsch, Pandorum’s scary sci-fi/horror plot is accompanied by an interesting melange of ice-cold orchestrations, unsettling electronics and pounding percussion.

Although the score certainly pays its dues to the classic Alien score, Pandorum is a very modern, bold and edgy score which combines subtle but unsettling orchestral elements with twisted, distorted and frightening sounds as nightmarish as the film itself. The film, which stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster, just opened in the US with world-wide distribution to follow.

MMS09024 • PANDORUM (Original Soundtrack)
Music Composed by MICHL BRITSCH
Release date: October 27, 2009


1 All That Is Left Of Us 2.43
2 Pandorum 3.58
3 Anti Riot 4.17
4 Shape 2.03
5 Hunting Party 2.48
6 Kulzer Complex 4.40
7 Tanis Probe Broadcast 2.01
8 Scars 2.20
9 Fucking Solidarity 3.28
10 Gallo’s Birth 2.22
11 Biolab Attack 2.25
12 Kanyrna 3.22
13 The Stars All Look Alike 4.32
14 Boom 3.55
15 Reactor 4.08
16 Skin On Skin 3.21
17 Fight Fight Fight 2.56
18 Bower’s Trip 7.51
19 Discovery End Credits 7.55

    Pandorum (Michl Britsch)

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