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Anne & Alet (Mark R. Candasamy)

Anne & Alet (Mark R. Candasamy)


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Taking place in the 18th Century, it is only fitting for the musical score of Anne & Alet to be classical in nature. Well worth taking a listen to. (Melissa Minners, G-Pop)

In 2013, MovieScore Media released a score from a Nordic documentary feature, Tale of a Forest by Finnish composer Panu Aaltio, which subsequently won the ‘Best Documentary Score’ International Film Music Critics Award.

Our contribution to the race for the title this year comes from another Nordic composer, Mark R. Candasamy from Norway. His orchestral music for Anne & Alet, a theatrical documentary feature about the infamous poisonings carried out by two sisters in Øyestad in the 18th century, is an exercise in emotionally charged but extremely elegant and romantic orchestral writing where the composer’s knack for interesting harmony goes beyond what you’d expect from a period piece. The orchestrations are exquisite (the strings are very richly textured) and the themes highly engaging, and the dramatic highlights are scored with great maturity. As a bonus, the album features a concert setting based on the film score.

MovieScore Media/Kronos Records MMS13020 ANNE & ALET (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by MARK R. CANDASAMY
Release date (digital): December 17, 2013
Release date (CD): TBA


1 Main Title 2:06
2 Copenhagen 1771 1:49
3 Anne and Alet 3:14
4 18th Century Arendal 2:41
5 The Drifter 2:58
6 Anne Goes Home 2:00
7 Trial 4:08
8 The Riverbanks of Nidelven 2:42
9 The Crowd Gathers 2:20
10 Knackerman 2:28
11 Finale: The Execution at Øiestad 3:30
12 Epilogue: Hope 2:10
Concert Suite from “Anne and Alet”:
13 I. Prologue 1:50
14 II. Tema & Intermezzo 2:03
15 The Riverbanks of Nidelven 3:35
16 Finale 3:33

    Anne & Alet (Mark R. Candasamy)