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Legends of Chima (Anthony Lledo)

Legends of Chima (Anthony Lledo)


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Listening to The Legends of Chima soundtrack is an inspirational experience.  The album contains a dramatic score that one wouldn’t normally expect from an animated television series. (Melissa Minners, G-Pop)

Although Legends of Chima is geared towards a very young television audience, the music by Danish composer Anthony Lledo (Screamfest Award winner for his Frostbitten score, released by MovieScore Media in 2006) is very much grown up. Written in the tradition of big orchestral fantasy film scores and championing strong melodic content and colourful orchestrations, Legends of Chima is a mature symphonic score worthy of any epic story – and certainly a perfect accompaniment to the magical word of Chima.

For this album presentation of the best parts of the music for the first season of the show, which airs on Cartoon Network, the composer has compiled a varied and exciting programme, expertly mastered by engineering veteran John Rodd (Elysium).

MMS13018/KRONCD031 • LEGENDS OF CHIMA (Original Television Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ANTHONY LLEDO
Release date (digital): December 03, 2013
Release date (CD): December 17, 2013


1 Laval the Lion 3:17
2 Chi 2:40
3 Playful Tribes 2:36
4 The Croc Swamp 3:04
5 Cragger 2:37
6 Speedor Races 2:10
7 When We Were Kids 2:12
8 Rhinos 1:51
9 The Warrior Within 2:26
10 Forever Rock 2:14
11 Drums of Chima 1:30
12 The Big Battle 2:20
13 The Great Story 2:53

    Legends of Chima (Anthony Lledo)