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Back to Gaya (Michael Kamen)

Back to Gaya (Michael Kamen)


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“All Kamen fans will find a lot to like about Back to Gaya – and for those whose voyage into film music has  begun after his life was so tragically cut short, it makes the perfect opportunity to discover so many of the facets of his music that so many people love.” (Movie Wave)

We are proud to release the legendary Michael Kamen’s original orchestral score from the German fantasy animation Back to Gaya on CD and online.

The completion of the score was an extraordinary achievement as the composer tragically, in the midst of composing the music for the film, passed away. Committed to fulfil the vision of Kamen, complementing the music he had written specifically for Back to Gaya with a selection of his unused compositions from previous film projects, a team of composer and orchestrators headed by Kamens long-time associates Steve McLaughlin (producer/recording engineer) and Christopher Brooks (producer/music editor) finalized the score to fit the film perfectly.

MovieScore Media’s album features 62 minutes of grand orchestral, adventurous and highly entertaining Michael Kamen music performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra. In honour of the late maestro,

MovieScore Media will share a portion of revenues generated by the album with Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, which was founded by Michael Kamen in 1996 as his commitment to the future of music education.

BACK TO GAYA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by MICHAEL KAMEN
Release date (CD/online): January 24, 2012

1st edition of the CD limited to 1000 copies.

1 Main Title 1.30
2 Snurks 1.27
3 Flying 1.59
4 The Kiss 1.21
5 Fireworks 1.36
6 The Professor 2.32
7 The Race 2.29
8 Baby Chase 2.57
9 The Vortex 3.04
10 Wrecking Ball 0.44
11 The Toy Store 1.41
12 Balloon Crash 2.25
13 Rat Chase 2.42
14 The Sewer 3.00
15 Find a Way In 1.32
16 In Charge 1.42
17 Switched On 1.46
18 So Unusual 1.43
19 Free Will 3.43
20 Night Flight 1.39
21 Big Dumb 5.18
22 Robot Chase 3.05
23 Climb 2.24
24 Catching Dolomite 1.39
25 Manual Targeting 1.21
26 We’re Free! 4.01
27 The Mayor Runs 1.38
28 Back to Gaya (Last Cue) 1.22

    Back to Gaya (Michael Kamen)