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Man to Man (Patrick Doyle)

Man to Man (Patrick Doyle)



“This is a very fine album, filled with music of great pomp and passion, and will I imagine become a real favourite amongst Doyle fans.” (Movie-Wave)

Scottish composer Patrick Doyle needs no further introduction to film music fans, but let’s just try to condense what he has achieved so far since he made his over-night break-through with Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V in 1989: two Oscar nominations, two Golden Globe nominations, the winner of multiple prestigious awards, fruitful collaborations with acclaimed directors such as Kenneth Branagh, Brian de Palma, Mike Newell and Régis Wargnier – the director of Man to Man.

MovieScore Media’s tenth entry in the ‘Discovery Collection’ features the proud and epic score from this ‘adventure movie with brains’, composed by Patrick Doyle in his most lyrical, melodic and exciting mood. Exquisit orchestrations, beautifully brought to life by the London Symphony Orchestra, elegant counterpoint (a trademark asset in Doyle’s music) and engaging rhythmic writing makes Man to Man one of the composer’s finest works, crowned by a magnificient main theme! .

MAN TO MAN (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by PATRICK DOYLE
Release date (CD): December 27, 2011
Release date (digital): January 3, 2012

1st edition of the CD limited to 1000 copies.


1 Suite from “Man to Man”4.28
2 Main Title and The Rapids3.18
3 Paying the King 1.30
4 Capsized 2.19
5 Sea Sickness 0.51
6 Abigail’s Feeling 1.40
7 Measuring the Pygmies 1.57
8 Pygmy Chase 3.08
9 Hitting Trees 1.43
10 Likola Kills 2.07
11 Alexander’s Arrow 0.53
12 The Net 1.00
13 Apes and Mankind 2.37
14 Baby 1.29
15 The Kidnapping of Likola 1.17
16 Alexander Cut 1.14
17 Catching Elena 0.54
18 In the Snow 2.06
19 The Return of Likola 3.00
20 Monkey Waltz 1.33

    Man to Man (Patrick Doyle)