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Crestfallen (Den som söker) (Henrik Skram)

Crestfallen (Den som söker) (Henrik Skram)


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Norwegian composer Henrik Skram (90 Minutes) has composed a brilliant orchestral score for the Swedish drama Crestfallen (original title: Den som söker) starring Josephine Bornebusch. Following the Swedish theatrical release of the film on April 12, MovieScore Media releases the soundtrack album digitally online via iTunes and other platforms.

The score takes a sophisticated journey into dark territories with an emphasis on strings and piano, sometimes using unusual instrumental techniques to create an unsettling accompaniment to the story about a woman who, after her parents’ death in a car crash, finds out that she is adopted. Henrik Skram also uses some exciting brass writing for the more dramatic sequences in the film. Stylishly bookending the album are two compositions by Antonio Vivaldi that are featured in the film score.

MMD0030 • CRESTFALLEN (Den som Söker) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by HENRIK SKRAM
Release date (digital only): April 22, 2013


1 Nisi Dominius – Cum Dederit (Vivaldi) 1:20
2 The Woods 2:41
3 The House 1:54
4 Dream 1:51
5 Dolls 2:27
6 Insect 1:40
7 Video 4:10
8 Drawer 2:10
9 Powerlines 2:58
10 Who Else? 1:26
11 The Truth 4:20
12 Saga Gone 2:14
13 Razor 1:55
14 Fight 1:26
15 Found 2:04
16 Adagio Molto from Symphony in b minor – Al Sant Sepolcro (Vivaldi) 3:44

    Crestfallen (Den som söker) (Henrik Skram)