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Feral (Elia Cmiral)

Feral (Elia Cmiral)

CD coming soon from QUARTET RECORDS

ScreamWorks Records presents a chilling collaboration with composer Elia Cmiral in the composer’s latest collaboration with writer/director Mark Young (Tooth & Nail, The Killing Jar). Their latest film entitled Feral had a limited theatrical release in the US last week and stars Scout Taylor-Compton and Olivia Luccardi as two girls from a party of six whose celebratory camping trip goes horribly wrong. A mutated virus that turns people into rampaging cannibal zombies pits former friends against each other and it’s up to the remaining survivors to find a way out of the nightmarish scenario.

Feral marks the fourth collaboration between director Mark Young and composer Elia Cmiral, who recalls: “From the very beginning, I saw Feral as a drama/thriller and I was greatly inspired by the girls characters and their development in the course of this hopeless set up going from bad to worse. Besides human characters there is a theme for the haunting, dark and silent forest keeping a grisly secret – a feral virus. I wanted to have a score with a large scope stretching from drama to the suspenseful dark moments and to the wild actions.“ The score features a string ensemble with piano, extended with contemporary electronica.

Composer Elia Cmiral was born in Czechoslovakia and after a stop in Sweden, he moved to the United States in 1994 where he’d been cultivating a prolific career in film scoring. Arguably his most famous work was done for John Frankenheimer’s Ronin (1997) which was notable for introducing the duduk (an Armenian woodwind instrument) to the world of film scoring. Though he had done a great number of horror films such as Stigmata (1999), Wrong Turn (2003) Splinter (2008) and the Pulse trilogy (2006/08), Cmiral’s more recent credits include a great variety of genres, including the war drama Habermann (2010) the adaptation of Ayn Rand’s trilogy Atlas Shrugged (2011/14).

SWR18002 • FERAL (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ELIA CMIRAL
Release date (digital): May 25, 2018
Release date (CD): June, 2018 (Quartet Records)


1 Journey Into the Forest 3:09
2 Jules Encounters a Feral 2:11
3 Alice 3:40
4 Camper Chaos 2:52
5 Jules Tricked 3:14
6 Caught in the Act 3:10
7 Fight to the Death 2:55
8 The Trek to Recover Jesse 3:36
9 Helpless 2:18
10 Gina Attacked 1:45
11 Alice Tells a Story 1:34
12 Brienne Is Changing 3:01
13 Talbot’s Story 3:52
14 The Cellar 2:59
15 Run For Your Life 2:49
16 Goodbye 4:42
17 End Titles 4:00

    Feral (Elia Cmiral)