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Orbiter 9 (Federic Jusid)

Orbiter 9 (Federic Jusid)

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MovieScore Media once again ventures into a dystopian landscape with Orbiter 9, the Spanish-Colombian sci-fi co-production written and directed by Hatem Khraiche. The film tells the story of Helena, a girl who has lived all her life on a spaceships, isolated from all human contacts after their parents committed suicide due to depleting oxygen levels. Her first ever contact with mankind is Alex, an engineer who has been sent to her spaceship for repairing – but Helena wants to experience more of what it is to be with someone else, only to discover her whole life was not what she believed it to be…

Orbiter 9’s plot is very rich cocktail: a love story that takes places in a dystopian future with an element of the thriller as well” explains Federico Jusid about the film. “In the same way, the score has a hybrid constitution. There’s a string orchestra singing around a more electronic sound palette – and musical architecture – and a few added signature sounds wonderfully created by our sound designer! Also the score attempts to oscillate between cold colours and a more heartfelt tone depending on whose character voice it is embodying, between the intimacy of the romantic encounter and the more massive and harsh character of the armed group chasing our protagonists.”

Argentinian composer Federico Jusid made his grand debut in the international film scoring scene with the music for Juan José Campanella’s The Secret in Their Eyes, the Academy Award-winner for Best Foreign Film whose music also received the nomination for Best Original Score at the Spanish Academy Goya Award. His more recent credits on international projects include contributions to Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings, and the music for Luis Prieto’s Kidnap, starring Halle Berry. On television, his most recognised work is the soundtrack for the Spanish historical drama Isabel, for which he won the International Film Music Critics Association Award and a Reel Music Award.

MMS18011 • ORBITER 9 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by FEDERICO JUSID
Release date (digital): June 22, 2018
Release date (CD): TBC (Quartet Records)


1 Helena 2:10
2 The Orb Project 2:45
3 You Left Without Getting Lost 2:10
4 News 2:55
5 I Have Never Dined With Anyone 2:15
6 You Knew All the Time 4:20
7 I Have Never Kissed Anyone 2:48
8 Rain 2:46
9 Secret Room 4:15
10 They Sometimes Record Conversations 2:03
11 Handcuffed 2:24
12 A Hug on the Terrace 2:08
13 What If We Are All Wrong? 1:54
14 Hugo at Sylvia’s 2:30
15 Final Encounter 2:53
16 I Have One Condition 3:20
17 Epilogue 1:20
18 Rare and Beautiful Objects 2:25

    Orbiter 9 (Federic Jusid)