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Flight of the Storks (Le Vol des Cigognes) (Eric Neveux)

Flight of the Storks (Le Vol des Cigognes) (Eric Neveux)


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Based on the 1994 novel by Jean-Christophe Grangé, Flight of the Storks (Le vol des cigognes in French) is an international thriller that takes off when a young academic teams up with an amateur ornithologist to follow storks on their migration to Africa. Shot in South Africa, Istanbul and in various European locations, the miniseries produced by EuropaCorp Television and directed by Jan Kounen, the two-part film is a dark action thriller that is graced by a mesmerizing score by French composer Eric Neveux. His score underscores both the geographical and emotional journeys of the protagonists using beautiful flourishes of orchestral colours, subtle ethnical instrumentation and engaging thematic ideas.

MMD0024 • FLIGHT OF THE STORKS (Le Vol des Cigognes) (Original Music from the Miniseries)
Music Composed by ERIC NEVEUX
Release date (digital only): January 21, 2013


1 Journey to Sofia 1:12
2 Looking for Max 2:23
3 De Sofia à Haïfa 1:49
4 Locked Up 2:24
5 My Family 1:39
6 The Hatch 2:18
7 A Brief Moment of Happinness 3:30
8 African Roots 1:37
9 Hallucinations 2:18
10 Diamonds 2:10
11 Welcome to Antwerp 2:42
12 Remember! 3:08
13 White Flat Trap 1:54
14 Awakening 2:20
15 Streets of Kinshasa 1:22
16 The Village 2:49
17 Governor’s House 3:24
18 Mr. Dumaz 1:37
19 Death Flight 2:39
20 Not Friends Anymore 1:07
21 Brother 1:39
22 The Flight of the Storks 6:16

    Flight of the Storks (Le Vol des Cigognes) (Eric Neveux)