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Le Visionnaire (Andrew Pearce)

Le Visionnaire (Andrew Pearce)


MovieScore Media is not only dedicated to preserving film and television music, but media music in any format. Andrew Pearce’s Le Visionnaire comes from the Maison Yves Rocher, a museum dedicated to the founder of the famed cosmetics company. With the an exhibition arranged into four rooms, the museum chronicles the incredible journey of Yves Rocher: the early years, his success, the organic process, creating a worldwide brand and his vision for sustainability across the planet.

“The composing process began in March 2017 when I was asked to score four short documentary films for a museum in La Gacilly, Brittany,” recalls composer Andrew Pearce about the project. “The story begins with an elegant piano lullaby suggesting the seed of an idea and the birth of Yves Rocher. The beauty and triumph of nature is underscored through dramatic harmonic shifts on a variation of the main theme (‘Le Visionnaire’) while girl chorus echoes the brand’s femininity throughout. The score is an eclectic mix of styles and textures; sometimes small and intimate as in ‘The Genius Suite’ but also epic and wondrous as heard in Far & Beyond and Success at Last.“ While the orchestral score was performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic and Chorus, the album also features a chamber suite arranged from the score for violin and piano, performed by Miriam Kramer and Ben Dawson.

British composer Andrew Pearce has been busy on both sides of the Channel with several British and French productions in his resumé. His first  commission was the ‘Cine Dimanche’ jingle for TF1 France and he continues to produce tracks for their library. As a composer, his list of credits include Dark Corners and the French drama series Petits secrets entre voisins. MovieScore Media has previously worked together with the composer on  his ambitious Cinema Symphony which was performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

MMS18027 • LE VISIONNAIRE (Original Soundtrack from La Maison Yves Rocher)
Music Composed and Conducted by ANDREW PEARCE
Release date (digital): December 21, 2018


1 Daybreak (Main Theme) 1:52
2 Ladies’ Chorale 1:40
3 Father and Son 1:24
4 Great Success 1:34
5 A Great Idea 1:56
6 The Visionary 0:57
7 The Genius Suite 5:44
8 Far and Beyond 1:36
9 Beautiful Trek 2:35
10 To the Future 1:46
11 Feminine Beauty 3:26
12 Success at Last 1:50
13 Chamber Suite- 1. Prelude 1:44
14 Chamber Suite- 2. Chorale 1:39
15 Chamber Suite- 3. Scherzo 1:18
16 Chamber Suite- 4. Impromptu 0:56
17 Chamber Suite- 5. Romance 2:26
18 Chamber Suite- 6. Waltz 1:27
19 Chamber Suite- 7. Nocturne 1:19
20 Chamber Suite- 8. Vocalise 2:52
21 Chamber Suite- 9. Appassionata et Coda 2:52
22 Today 1:37
23 La Maison Stomp 0:39

    Le Visionnaire (Andrew Pearce)