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Son-Mother (Amir Molookpour)

Original score from the 2019 drama feature film directed by Mahnaz Mohammadi, starring Raha Khodayari, Mahan Nasiri and Reza Behboodi, produced by Europe Media Nest and released by Beta Cinema (Germany).

THE STORY: A widow who works tirelessly at a failing factory in sanctions-gripped Iran receives a marriage proposal that could mean financial security, but could also tear her family apart.

THE SCORE: “From the first viewing of the film on, I knew that this movie doesn’t need lots of music, so my attention was focused on the last sequence and the end credits. I wrote some cues for some of the scenes and as I had already thought those scenes were better without the music. In this film the most important thing which led me to write the End Credits music was the loneliness and separation from the loved ones. The sad and dark theme presented first by solo oboe and then with strings, are somehow the whole emotion I had after viewing this beautiful and very sad movie.” – Amir Molookpour

THE COMPOSER: Amir Molookpour began to study the traditional Persian music at the age of nine before moving onto a study of Western music as an autodidact, followed by specialization classes with Hassan Riahi, the composer of the last Iranian National Anthem. In 2001 Molookpour moved to Italy to study Musicology at the University of Pavia (in Cremona) continuing to work with the Symphony Orchestra of the Iranian Radio as a composer. He wrote his thesis on the role and functions of music in the religious rituals of the Iranian Zoroastrians. His compositions include a string quartet, Three Lieder on poems of Hermann Hesse, a Requiem on Latin and Persian texts and numerous compositions for solo instruments such as piano, clarinet, and cello. His three film scores so far are all released by MovieScore Media.

MMS21077 SON-MOTHER (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by AMIR MOLOOKPOUR
Release date (digital): December 24, 2021

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