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Rites of Spring (Holly Amber Church)

Rites of Spring (Holly Amber Church)


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Picked up for US distribution by IFC Midnight and released earlier this year on VOD, Rites of Spring comes out on DVD in the US with Screamworks Records online release of the stylish score co-inciding. Directed by Padraig Reynolds and starring Katherine Randolph and Anessa Ramsey, Rites of Spring tells the story about a group of kidnappers who becomes victims of a horrifying secret that must be paid every spring.

Newcomer Holly Amber Church, who started out as an assistant to renowned composers Christopher Young and Stewart Copeland, has penned an intense, eerie and effective genre score that makes use of such devices as electrified cello, unusual percussive effects and busy string writing.

SWD0008 • RITES OF SPRING (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by HOLLY AMBER CHURCH
Release date (digital only): November 27, 2012


1 Rites of Spring 2:37
2 The Graveyard 1:55
3 Abduction and Kidnapping 2:15
4 Are You Clean? 1:30
5 It Likes To Take Their Heads 2:48
6 I Never Wanted This For You 1:14
7 Blood for the Creature 2:08
8 I’m Taking Your Daughter 2:40
9 The Washing 2:12
10 School Standoff 2:24
11 The Prayer 1:24
12 Entering the Silo 2:54
13 Ransom 2:16
14 The Cow God 2:36
15 The Hallway 1:20
16 Close Call 2:22
17 Paul Nolan 1:42
18 Out of the School and Into the Night 1:46
19 The Secret Lair 2:01
20 We Should Go 2:20
21 Crosses and Windshields 3:32
22 Gas Station Assault 1:36
23 End Titles 4:15

    Rites of Spring (Holly Amber Church)