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Shuffleton’s Barbershop (The Way Back Home) (Lawrence Shragge)

Shuffleton’s Barbershop (The Way Back Home) (Lawrence Shragge)


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The music created by Lawrence Shragge for Shuffleton’s Barbershop not only reflects the musical styles of the film’s location, but also the emotional struggles of the main character.  It’s the perfect score for the visuals and emotions in the film and makes quite an enjoyable stand alone storytelling album.  (Melissa Minners, G-Pop)

Inspired by famous artist Norman Rockwell’s original 1950 painting “Shuffleton’s Barbershop”, this original Hallmark television movie features Danny Glover, Austin Stowell and Kayla Ewell in a story about a famous country singer who returns home hoping to find guidance and reconciliation.

The splendid soundtrack features Emmy-nominated composer Lawrence Shragge’s beautiful original score – a wonderful piece of understated Americana – and a number of original country songs, some of which are performed by the cast. Shragge’s score, which resembles the sensitive drama scoring of Thomas Newman, shimmers with celestial layers of strings and slide guitar and guitar-based melodies. We would not be surprised if this score results in the composer’s third Emmy nomination!

MMD0033 • SHUFFELTON’S BARBERSHOP (THE WAY BACK HOME) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by LAWRENCE SHRAGGE
Release date (digital only): July 30, 2013


1 Main Title 1:31
2 Shuffleton’s Barbershop 1:48
3 John Henry (The Barbershop Band) 2:03
4 Fire 2:28
5 Red 2:25
6 Reach the Light (Anne Harvey) 3:25
7 That Was You? 4:13
8 Forever Is Only for a While (Austin Stowell) 1:44
9 Norma at the Piano 2:26
10 Destiny 2:30
11 Race Ya! 2:08
12 Coffee 2:32
13 Hard to Turn Things Around 1:38
14 Done Deal 1:25
15 Waiting (Kallie North) 3:45
16 Accident 1:20
17 Hospital 1:50
18 Dad 2:00
19 The Letter 2:28
20 The First Time (Austin Stowell and Kayla Ewell with The Barbershop Band) 2:20
21 The Boy and the Ghost 2:18

All tracks by Lawrence Shragge except where noted

    Shuffleton’s Barbershop (The Way Back Home) (Lawrence Shragge)