Bodyguard: A New Beginning (Stuart Hancock)


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Underground composer Stuart Hancock’s score for Chee Keong Cheung’s new film, Bodyguard – A New Beginning – is an equally engaging modern film music piece written for orchestra and electronics. This score puts a little more emphasis on character-driven music, as the story is about a Hong Kong bodyguard who is sent to the UK to protect a woman whose identity is known only by his boss. Hancock’s dark, percussive and driving action music is coupled with reflective themes and atmospheric suspense writing.

MovieScore Media’s release of the score co-incides with the DVD release of the film in the UK.

MMS08014 • BODYGUARD: A NEW BEGINNING (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by STUART HANCOCK
Release date: June 9, 2009


1 Opening Titles 2.28
2 Yuen’s Betrayal 3.31
3 The Brothers 2.24
4 Chloe 1.07
5 Violation 1.57
6 Chase 4.12
7 Intimacy 0.49
8 Petty Thieves 2.07
9 Guardian Leung 1.05
10 Rejection Part I 2.49
11 Rejection Part II 8.24
12 Return to Hong Kong 5.50
13 Cat and Mouse 2.53
14 Rooftop Fight 1.14
15 Redemption 2.18
16 The Final Conflict 4.53
17 A New Beginning (End Titles) 6.40

    Bodyguard: A New Beginning (Stuart Hancock)

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