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Atom Nine Adventures (Robert Gulya)

Original score from the 2007 action sci-fi feature film directed by Christopher Farley, starring Christopher Farley, Paul Meade and Jennifer Ferguson.

THE STORY: In a remote forest, Astrophysicist Dr. Adam Gaines (Farley) and his homemade robotic assistant Jimbot (Meade) recover a 3.5 billion year old meteorite containing an alien organism that may hold the secrets to the universe. What they dont realize is that a mysterious terrorist named Gremlo Flugg (Armstrong) and his band of Fluggmen also seek the ancient contents of the meteorite so they can carry out their sinister plans to take over planet earth.

THE SCORE: Hungarian composer Robert Gulya has composed a highly entertaining and exciting adventure score for the independent sci-fi movie Atom Nine Adventures, directed by Christopher Farley, a very passionate filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Featuring the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Gulya’s score is written in a beautifully traditional swashbuckling style, inspired both by golden age composers such as Korngold and Rózsa, as well as postmodern icons like Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams. Constructing his score using the leitmotif technique, composer Robert Gulya has written a symphonic score that is worthy of any big budget blockbuster!

MMS07011 • ATOM NINE ADVENTURES (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ROBERT GULYA
Release date: October 16, 2007

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