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Bloody Fury (Susan DiBona / Salvatore Sangiovanni)

Original score from the 2023 western short directed by Jordan Inconstant, starring Bill Nighy, Kevin McNally and Lee Arenberg, produced by Tirak Line.

THE STORY: In the Far West, the fur trade is raging. Bloody Furry, one of the last red wolves decides to avenge his exterminated family. But is revenge the best solution to find the way to redemption?

THE SCORE: “It’s a rare opportunity to get to score a Western, much less a hybrid animation/live action one, so with the director Jordan Inconstant’s blessing, we went all out: dirty tremolo guitars, country fiddle, big soaring female vocals on the main theme, and lushly orchestrated strings with just the right touch of brilliant trumpet. We couldn’t help but add some ragtime saloon piano pieces to top it all off, which are played onscreen by a husky buffalo-man (actually performed by Salvatore). In this score, we do our best to pay homage to the greats like Aaron Copland, Elmer Bernstein, Carl Stalling and Ennio Morricone, and also express our own personal, modern composition and orchestration style. It’s all about timeless melodies and capturing that special Western energy!” Susan DiBona & Salvatore Sangiovanni

THE COMPOSERS: Susan DiBona is a seasoned film composer and multi-instrumentalist who kicked off her career as a film composer in Berlin, Germany. Salvatore Sangiovanni, born in Italy, is an internationally acclaimed virtuoso concert and jazz pianist who holds a post-graduate degree in classical piano performance from The Royal School of London. Greatly favoured by European film music critics and fans, DiBona & Sangiovanni were nominees for the World Soundtrack Awards Public Choice Award in 2021. They have have recently been in competition for the Italian Golden Globes 2021 and David di Donatello 2021 for the French-Italian feature film, I Liviatini / Bad Habits Die Hard and 2022 for Une seule chance.

SC23001 BLOODY FURY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (digital): May 31, 2023
CD available from Kronos Records

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