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“Yet another superb score by this exceptionally talented composer, whose stock continues to rise with every score of hers I hear.” (Movie Music UK)

“Reminded me of the work of the late James Horner, when he scored pictures such as ‘Casper’ and ‘An American Tail’…. (Movie Music International)

Help, I Shrunk My Parents (Anne-Kathrin Dern)


MovieScore Media once again teams up with German composer Anne-Kathrin Dern (The Jade PendantLilly’s Bewitched Christmas) to release Help, I Shrunk My Parent, the delightful fantasy/comedy score inspired by one of science-fiction’s most popular questions – what if we could change size? Following the success of Help, I Shrunk My Teacher, Felix (Oskar Keymer) and Ella (Lina Hüesker) return for yet another adventure – this time, they have to save one of their parent’s from the effects of the shrinkage while they get help and face obstacles from the characters of the previous picture.

“This first movie in this series by Blue Eyes Fiction and Sony Pictures was Help I Shrunk My Teacher and its original composer Klaus Badelt generously gave the reins to my studio for the sequel while he stayed on as score producer. It was the greatest pleasure to write 4 new themes for this magical adventure comedy: the mysterious school theme, the quirky villain theme for Hulda Stechbart, the melancholic family theme, and the sweet and warm love theme. The third act contains plenty of action music as the characters embark on their final mission to save their school, which was particularly fun to write. We also had the incredible honor to take the score to Galaxy Studios again, where we recorded it with the marvelous musicians from the Brussels Philharmonic under the direction of Matt Dunkley.”

Born in Eutin, Germany, Anne-Kathrin Dern graduated from the UCLA Film Scoring program. She started out working as a sample developer and percussion library programmer before getting her first mock-up commission on the Alan Menken/Christopher Lennertz medieval comedy Galavant. As a composer, her traditionally melodic writing can be enjoyed in such films as  Lilly’s Bewitched Christmas (2017), and Help I Shrunk My Parents (2018), as well as her collaborations with Klaus Badelt, most notably on the 3D animated ballerina movie Leap! (2016). MovieScore Media has previously released The Jade Pendant and Lilly’s Bewitched Christmas from her filmography.

MMS19039 HELP, I SHRUNK MY PARENTS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ANNE-KATHRIN DERN
Release date (digital): November 29, 2019

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