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Hope and Glory (Dimitris Dodoras)

Original score from the 2024 action short directed by Adrian Martin and Erik van Schoor, starring Daniel Grave, Alex Rosenthal and Charlotte Eckle, produced by Brightstone Pictures.

THE STORY: A Mad Max fan film.

THE SCORE: Hope and Glory started when filmmakers Erik van Schoor and Adrian Martin, both avid Mad Max enthusiasts, dreamed about creating their own story within that universe. They decided to produce a fan film which ended up being a very costly, visually stunning, international collaboration. I became involved early on in the process and instantly knew that the music needed to be packed with action, electronic elements and percussion. The most important thing would be the heroic themes for Max and an emotional cue for Hope and Glory. I began to write various theme ideas and when I finally got a glimpse of the first cut, I was blown away by the magnitude of the film. I decided to combine the electronic elements with an orchestra and hired the Budapest Scoring Orchestra to record over 15 minutes of music. I am so incredibly grateful to everyone involved for the opportunity to write music of such grand proportions. Having a live orchestra involved is just the icing on the cake. Enjoy the musical journey into the Wasteland.” – Dimitris Dodoras

THE COMPOSER: Dimitris Dodoras is a German-born composer who has been involved in many different international projects including films, commercials, music videos and radio plays. He received the Skoda Soundtrack Award at the Soundtrack_Cologne 2.0. In 2014, he wrote the music for the award-winning short film, Alter Egon, supported by the film commission NRW. In addition, he contributed music for the Discovery Channel and orchestrated the song “I Wish I Could Be A Disney Princess” for Buzzfeed which has received over 25 million views on YouTube. He participated in the BMI Composing for Screen Mentorship Program in 2013 and the SCL Mentorship Program in NY in 2016. In 2020, he received a nomination for the Hollywood Music in Media Award in the category Contemporary Classical/Instrumental for his piece “Journey Around the World” and won the award in 2021 in the category Score – Short Film (Live Action) for his score for the short film, Fellini Forward, produced by Campari, which had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

SC24010 HOPE AND GLORY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by DIMITRIS DODORAS
Release date (digital): May 1, 2024

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