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Something in the Water (Harry Peat / Nainita Desai)

Original score from the 2024 thriller feature film directed by Hayley Easton Street, starring Lauren Lyle, Nicole Rieko Setsuko and Hiftu Quasem, produced by Studiocanal, released by Samuel Goldwyn Films (USA) and Studiocanal (UK).

THE STORY: A group of five girlfriends must fight for their lives in open water after a dream wedding transforms into a nightmare.

THE SCORE: Something in the Water is a thrilling rollercoaster of a story that speaks to our primal instinct of survival and how we respond to being thrown into the depths of extreme situations. But running parallel to this are the unbreakable friendships and tested loyalties that demanded a score with as much sensitivity and compassion as nail-biting terror; the sheer panic and desperation of the open water, the incessant foreboding of the ever-present threat, and the emotional journey of the characters as they fight for their survival are wrapped up in the wide range of musical emotions. We settled upon a contemporary hybrid approach where electronic elements were a key ingredient to enhance the ominous underwater sound world. A falling synth bass motif for the shark was the first theme to materialise. Other sliding, dissonant synth tones and a repeating low strings motif were used to reflect the increasing panic as the girls’ situation deteriorates. A bespoke palette of stark, clangorous strikes and tones were created from struck instruments and objects such as oil barrels to capture the dark unknown of the depths beneath them. In contrast, the moments of warmth and empathy played by a haunting, desolate piano theme encapsulates the helplessness and loss, with eerie strings, bowed guitar and mallets embodying the long expanses of time drifting under the intense sun.Harry Peat and Nainita Desai

THE COMPOSERS: Classically trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London, Harry Peat is a composer for film and television, working mostly within drama and documentary, in addition to releasing his own work under the artist name Lost Unicorns. Harry’s most recent TV work has included BBC crime drama Silent Witness and Nat Geo documentary Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth. Harry has also been composing with long-standing collaborator Nainita Desai on documentaries including Netflix’s highly-acclaimed free-diving feature The Deepest Breath and natural history series Predators for Sky/Netflix. Previously Harry has scored two series and a feature length movie of LEGO Friends for M2 Entertainment/Netflix, as well as two series of Endemol TV’s animated adventure The 99. He has also composed the music for a number of theatre productions.

An acclaimed Emmy-winning composer with two additional Emmy nominations, Nainita Desai is an RTS and World Soundtrack Award 2021 winner of Discovery of the Year. Amongst various BAFTA, Oscar, and Emmy acclaimed productions, Nainita’s recent projects include the hit Netflix documentary 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible for which her score earned a nomination for a Primetime Emmy, hit film The Deepest Breath (A24, Netflix) which earned Desai nomination for Best Original Score at the Critics’ Choice Awards and EA Originals Video Game Tales of Kenzera: Zau. Upcoming projects include fantasy action-adventure series Nautilus for AMC and ITV Drama The Tower Season 3. Nainita has also scored landmark natural history series Earthsounds for Apple TV+ and James Cameron’s BBC / Nat Geo series Ocean Xplorers. Her other notable credits include Oscar nominated and BAFTA & Cannes winning feature doc For Sama, Sundance winning film The Reason I Jump and the Emmy nominated score for Body Parts.

MMS24018 SOMETHING IN THE WATER (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (digital): May 3, 2024

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