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Mediterráneo (Arnau Bataller)

Original score from the 2021 drama feature film directed by Marcel Barrena, starring Melika Foroutan, Sergi López and Àlex Monner, produced by Arcadia Motion Pictures and released by Filmax (Spain).

THE STORY: A few good men risk their own lives to save many others. The movie is set during the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Mediterranean sea.

THE SCORE: “I decided to work with a small ensemble: a string quartet that sometimes doubles to an octet plus some electronics, voice, rare wind instruments and some small percussion instruments. The music is more about texture and timbre than melody or functional harmony. Indeed the strings were recorded in general using contemporary techniques to get a more broken and dirty sound, always in the background and not doing any of the motivic elements. The score also tries to be very organic with the drama in the way it interacts with the picture: a lot of sounds of the sea, the wind, or actions of the characters are the starting point for the music, which tries to grow from them to create a sonic palette that adds some dramatic background to the narrative. If my music helps to move some conscience in the audience, my work as a composer will be totally fulfilled.” – Arnau Bataller

THE COMPOSER: Arnau Bataller originally studied to play the violin and got a degree on the instrument in 1998 – then he decided to specialize in film music, studying the art form at the prestigious University of Southern California. Since graduating in 2002, Arnau has worked on countless American and Spanish projects. Some of his most notable works include José Luis Alemán’s H.P. Lovecraft-inspired horror films The Valdemar Legacy (2010) and The Valdemar Legacy II: The Forbidden Shadow (2010), the latter of which is available from MovieScore Media, while Screamworks Records has released the music for Julio Martí’s The Brotherhood (2014) as well as music from [Rec]4: Apocalipsis (2014). Earlier this year, MovieScore Media released Bataller’s score for The Vault (2021).

MMS21068 MEDITERRÁNEO (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ARNAU BATALLER
Release date (digital): September 28, 2021

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