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” The songs, written by Kristian Sensini and performed by Trio Limonade, are clever.” (Film-Forward)

My Love Affair with Marriage (Kristian Sensini)

Original score from the 2022 animation feature film directed by Signe Baumane, starring Dagmara Dominczyk, Cameron Monaghan and
Matthew Modine, produced by The Marriage Project, Studio Locomotive, Antevita Films and Cinco Dedos Peliculas, released by 8 Above (USA) and Tamasa Distribution (France).

THE STORY: A young spirited woman, Zelma, is determined to conform to the pressures of singing Mythology Sirens in order to be loved, but the more she conforms, the more her body resists. A story of inner female rebellion.

THE SCORE: I’m not sure if this is my best work; it’s not for me to say. What I am certain of is that it is definitely the most eclectic and represents the longest time I have worked on over the years. It has certainly been the most stimulating, encompassing everything from Broadway musicals to songs of various genres, orchestral music, and folk music. Not to mention the more experimental part, in which, together with director Signe Baumane, we decided to use only percussion instruments to musically portray what happens in our bodies and minds when we fall in love and experience a relationship with another human being. I hope you will appreciate the musical experience as much as I have loved working on and experimenting in this fascinating project.” – Kristian Sensini

THE COMPOSER: Kristian Sensini is a composer with a passion for storytelling and a career spanning over two decades in film and television composition. Throughout his career, Sensini has collaborated with innovative directors, expanding his portfolio to include a diverse range of projects such as animation films, television series, independent cinema, and documentaries. One of his notable collaborations is with esteemed filmmaker Signe Baumane, scoring her animated films like Rocks in My Pockets and My Love Affair with Marriage, both released by MovieScore Media. Sensini‘s musical talent has been acknowledged with nominations at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and the Jerry Goldsmith Awards. His most significant achievement was receiving the ColonneSonore Award for his soundtrack to the animated film Rocks in My Pockets.

MMS23029 MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH MARRIAGE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by KRISTIAN SENSINI
Release date: December 8, 2023

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