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Dark Prophecy (Bill Brown)

Original score from the 2010 thriller feature directed by Anthony E. Zuiker, starring Justine Bateman, Michael Ironside and Dan Buran, produced and released by Dare To Pass (USA).

THE STORY: It is well known among law enforcement personnel that murders can be categorized as belonging to one of twenty-five levels of evil, from the naive opportunists starting out at Level 2 to the organized, premeditated torture-murderers who inhabit Level 26. What almost no one knows is that a new category of killer has emerged. And only one man is capable of stopping them. His targets: Level 26 killers. His methods: Whatever it takes. His name: Steve Dark.

THE COMPOSER: Award-winning composer Bill Brown is best known for scoring all nine seasons of the hit CBS series CSI: NY, as well as writing epic scores for games such as Wolfenstein, Lineage II, Captain America: Super Soldier, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and many more. His scores for film include the action-thriller Infamous, starring Bella Thorne and Jake Manley, The Devil’s Tomb, with Cuba Gooding Jr., Desiree, starring Ron Perlman – the latter of two have been released by MovieScore Media. Accolades for his music include PCXL Magazine’s Best Music Award for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and the Music4Games Editor’s Choice Award.

MMS10020 DESIREE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by BILL BROWN
Release date (CD/digital): October 12, 2010

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