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Enemy Lines (Philippe Jakko)

MovieScore Media once again teams up with French composer Philippe Jakko (Allies, Kaufman’s Game) with a return to the genre of war movies with music that balances military might with an elegiac tribute to the plight of the conflict. Directed by Anders Banke, Enemy Lines takes place in the frozen, war-torn landscape of occupied Poland during World War II, a crack team of allied commandos are sent on a deadly mission behind enemy lines to extract a rocket scientist from the hands of the Nazis.

As the composer recalls: “The main inspiration for this score was Oliver Stone’s Platoon, specifically his use of Samuel Barber’s ‘Adagio for Strings’ as I wanted to find something universal, which can fit the core of the story and add another dimension more oriented more towards fate, war madness, sorrow without using the army snares and solo trumpet cliche. I wrote different versions of this main theme to fit the story and composed a couple of themes around it, specifically action, adventure and emotional cues. For the German camp and the menacing snowy forest, I provided something more mysterious, contrasting some post-romantic harmonies with my ‘adagio’ theme while remaining a symphonic musical writing.” The score was recorded by a 48-piece orchestra, conducted by the composer.

Composer Philippe Jakko graduated in musical high schools in Paris and Lyon where he studied harmony, counterpoint, composition and conducting with a music degree in musicology (on film scoring). Philippe is also a multi-instrumentalist: he plays the piano, guitars, keyboards, bass and the Arabic oud. His music for Valérie Donzelli Que D’Amour! won the Jerry Goldsmith Award in 2015. In 2017, he won an award for Le coeur en Braille at the Festival du Film en Famille in Quebec. Apart from film scoring, Philippe is also active in the world of ballet, he composed a hip hop opera and wrote several hit songs: “Yakalelo” (1998) and “Parce qu’on sait jamais” (2008) sold over 1,500,000 copies. His previous score releases with MovieScore Media include Allies (2014) and Kaufman’s Game (2018).

MMS20010 ENEMY LINES (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by PHILIPPE JAKKO
Release date (digital): May 8, 2020

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