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Mothers of the Revolution (Lachlan Anderson)

Original score from the 2021 documentary feature film directed by Briar March, produced by General Film Corporation, released by Universal Pictures Content Group (USA/UK).

THE STORY: The moving true story of the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp and how it changed the world.

THE SCORE: “Director Briar March and I had a conversation about where to begin scoring the film; we started by making a playlist of women-led punk bands of the era (in addition to a couple of modern ones) that encapsulated the feeling of the protest. Some of the artists we included were The Mo Dettes, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Delta 5, Malaria and Bikini Kill, these tracks were the foundation of the sonic identity of the film. With this foundation in place, I was free to score the Greenham Common Peace Camp scenes as the story’s emotional core. I utilized a string quartet. I experimented with delicate ambient textures, and unique bowing techniques alongside processed singing bowls, harps and acoustic guitars. For the darker side of the story, I used a lot of sound processing, starting with acoustic instruments (cellos, guitars, and other bowed handmade things) and turning them into otherworldly soundscapes. This is very present in the scenes referencing the nuclear threat and the Police violently trying to stop the Greenham Peace Camp.” Lachlan Anderson

THE COMPOSER: Lachlan Anderson is a screen composer based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has developed a successful career in film & TV and is known for his work on several international productions, including the acclaimed slow-burn psychological thriller series Tabula Rasa (nominated for Best Score for a TV show at Camille Awards), supernatural action series The Dead Lands (nominated for Best Original Music in a Series at APRA Silver Scrolls) and the groundbreaking, Emmy-winning drama Rūrangi. Anderson’s multi-layered, incredibly atmospheric music also contributed to the London-based true-life thriller 6 Days and to several documentaries including Dawn Raid, the upcoming Billion $ Heist and David ‘Tickled’ Farrier’s latest, unsettling documentary Mister Organ. When Lachlan isn’t scoring to picture, he can be found playing bass in NZ 3- piece band Die! Die! Die!.

RB02009 MOTHERS OF THE REVOLUTION (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by LACHLAN ANDERSON
Release date (digital): December 5, 2022

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