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Unseen (Eloi Ragot)

Despite its name, MovieScore Media’s latest release deserves great attention with composer Eloi Ragot’s exciting electro-orchestral hybrid score literally giving a voice to some people who can not be seen in their own stories. The Belgian series Unseen (titled Invisible in French) takes place over a period of ten days – people and their families face a mysterious phenomenon as some of them become invisible. With no repercussions for their crimes or compliments for their good deeds, the invisibles must make a choice on how to use their incredible powers. Some of them are using invisibility as a tool of revenge or domination, others live it as an exile – and between the two extremes, there are the people who just want to do the right thing.

“I composed the score almost entirely during the first lockdown last Spring and it has definitely influenced my writing,” elaborates composer Eloi Ragot about his influences. “When preparing the soundtrack album, I noticed that most of the melodies are based on patterns with repetitive notes, with recurring dissonance. Everything seems to go around in circles and at the same time evolve very slowly. Because of this mix of science-fiction and realistic elements, the story called for a hybrid score, utilizing a string quintet for the delicate family relationships, while electronic music was used for the roughness of the very dark basement of a house, the hospital where strange things are happening, a mysterious man. Designing sounds and electronic instruments myself is the most exciting part of my work and finding the right balance between the two worlds was the key to unlocking this score.“

French composer Eloi Ragot’s best-known work may be his original music for the Netflix TV series The Break that won the Best French-speaking Series Award at the Series Mania Festival 2016. A second season was released on November 2018. In 2019, he worked on Dutch TV-Series Women of the Night, Canadian feature film Reservoir as well as the German feature documentary The Red Orchestra for which he wrote an orchestral score recorded with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Eloi is currently working on another television series entitled The Window, to be released in spring 2021.

MMS20028 UNSEEN (INVISIBLE) (Original Television Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ELOI RAGOT
Release date (digital): November 25, 2020

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