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“The soundtrack is… reminiscent of John Williams’ score for the Indy movies.” (UK Film Review)

“The music by Massimo Sammi also manages to evoke John Williams just enough to make an impression but not too much as to distract.” (Screen Critix)

Plunder Quest (Massimo Sammi)

Original score from the 2022 adventure comedy feature film directed by Kalani Hubbard, starring Katherine Flannery, Eric Rosenberg and Stefanie Hubbard, produced by Galaxy Visuals and released by Pure Magic Pictures (USA).

THE STORY: After catching wind of valuable prohibition-era whiskey hidden on an island, Thomas Waters embarks on a quest for liquid gold and ends up on the priceless adventure of a lifetime.

THE SCORE: “The director Kalani Hubbard, who’s an excellent musician in his own right, wanted me to represent the youthful and vibrant nature of the main character, with an homage to the classic action-comedy score of the 80s, so we decided to use an orchestral palette, with fanfares featuring the beautiful live trumpet of Everett Kelly. It was really challenging at first, since I was really pushed out of my comfort zone: I had to score all sort of genres from old school animation-style chase music, to a classic-Hollywood romantic kiss scene with soaring violins, heroic music for drone-shot montages, a tongue-in-cheek picaresque poker game, to the ending bombastic super-hero ostinatos with final build-up. Once I read the script, we decided to build the score backwards since I wrote the end credits suite first and then gave hints of the theme incrementally throughout the movie, having it exposed in its entirety only in the finale.” – Massimo Sammi

THE COMPOSER: After classical guitar studies at the “Niccolò Paganini” Conservatory in his native Genoa, Italy, Massimo Sammi moved to Boston to enroll at the New England Conservatory of Music to study with jazz guru Charlie Banacos. Shortly after his graduation, he enrolled in New York University’s Master’s in Scoring for Film and Multimedia. After moving to Los Angeles in 2014, he enrolled in the Certificate Program in Film Scoring at UCLA Extension, and through the school’s connections he landed several jobs assisting composers actively working in film and TV. His score for the action comedy Plunder Quest won the Best Soundtrack Award at the New York International Film Awards and at the Masters Of Cinema International Film Festival.

MMS22013 PLUNDER QUEST (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by MASSIMO SAMMI
Release date (digital): April 29, 2022

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