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Encoded in claustrophobic camera angles and scored by a Matthew Herbert soundtrack that sounds like music for an underwater world…(Screen Daily)

Port Authority (Matthew Herbert)

Original score from the 2019 drama feature film directed by Danielle Lessovitz, starring Fionn Whitehead, Louisa Krause and Leyna Bloom, released by Momentum Pictures (USA) and ARP Selection (France).

THE STORY: Paul must confront his white boy realness after arriving in New York and getting involved with explosively divisive groups: the queer ballroom scene and some straight debt collectors, while falling in love with a trans woman.

THE SCORE: “When everything I read politically and watch and hear has been absorbed, there comes a point where you must feel it viscerally otherwise you are closed to the horrors of it and thus closed to the possibility of action, closed to the idea that you could make a difference or could have prevented the outcome. This internalising of the struggle, the friction, the melancholy I feel should be at the emotional core of the work. After all, I am making music and not writing a newspaper article. But with the invention of the sampler, I can now explicitly root my work in the literal, critical present. I can describe the real in the frame of the imaginary.” – Matthew Herbert

THE COMPOSER: Matthew Herbert is an award-winning composer, artist, producer and writer whose range of innovative works extends from more than 30 albums (including the much-celebrated Bodily Functions) to scores for Oscar-winning films (A Fantastic Woman) as well as music for the National Theatre, Broadway, TV series (Noughts and Crosses, BBC), games (Lego) and radio. He has performed solo, as a DJ and with various musicians including his own 21 piece big band and 100 piece choir all round the world from the Sydney opera house, to the Hollywood Bowl and created installations, plays and opera.

MMS21046 PORT AUTHORITY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by MATTHEW HERBERT
Release date (digital): August 20, 2021

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