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“A collection of short film music that is remarkable in every way: almost all of the selected tracks are small melodic gems as neat as any feature film music and which each carry the mark of its author. In short, the shorter it is the better!” (UnderScores)

Short Cuts 2019 (The Best of Original Short Motion Picture Scores) (Various Composers)

MovieScore Media opens the new year with Short Cuts 2019the follow-up to the label’s highly successful initiative to collect together the most memorable short film scores of each year. The 2019 selection is headlined by such as fan favourites as Academy Award winner Rachel Portman (Archie), Christopher Young (Fanboy), Bear McCreary (The Toll Road) and Joe Kraemer (The Wound), while composers previously featured on MovieScore Media include Pantawit Kiangsiri (Winter Olympic Dream), Rob Simonsen (In the Time it Takes to Get There), Laura Rossi (Rueful Warrior), Joe Kraemer (The Wound), Daniel Alceh (The Tattooed Torah) and Chad Cannon (Feline Paradox). The album also gives MovieScore Media the opportunity to welcome new composers to the label, such as Frederik Wiedmann (Burning Bright), Joan Vilà (Por qué miente la gente) and Michael Neilson (Giltrude’s Dwelling).

“I firmly believe that even short films can have magnificent scores and the whole idea of Short Cuts is to save some of the year’s best offerings for posterity in a curated selection,” explains album producer Mikael Carlsson. “As these shorts are usually true passion projects, the filmmakers let their composers have the necessary time and financial resources to craft the best possible scores for their pictures. Based on the feedback from the previous Short Cuts release, we were encouraged to delve even deeper into genre cinema, give even more focus to animation and sci-fi – and simply let the scores speak for themselves.”

The animated titles in the 2019 selection include a wide-range of topics from the three colorful shorts featuring the music of Kevin Smithers through Chad Cannon’s sci-fi comedy Feline Paradox to Daniel Alceh’s educational The Tattooed Torah. Other high-profile shorts include Rob Simonsen’s music for In the Time it Takes to Get There, directed by Scrubs’ Zach Braff and Christopher Young’s score for Fanboy, starring Sam Raimi.

Although the tracks themselves have a different feel to them due to the diversity of both the represented genres and the composers involved, we hope this selection of the best short scores from 2019 proves that great film music is still alive and well – sometimes it’s just hiding in the unlikeliest places!

Release date (digital): January 17, 2020
Release date (CD – Quartet Records): TBA

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