Superposition (Pessi Levanto)

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Superposition (Pessi Levanto)

Original score from the 2023 thriller feature film directed by Karoline Lyngbye, starring Marie Bach Hansen, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard and Mihlo Olsen, produced by Beo Starling and released by Scandinavian Film Distribution (Denmark).

THE STORY: The creative couple Stine and Teit and their young son Nemo leave their urban life in Copenhagen behind in favour of an isolated forest in Sweden, where they hope to find themselves as individuals.

THE SCORE: Superposition is a thriller with some unexplained supernatural elements. With these techniques it investigates romantic relationships and our needs and hopes in them. The core ideas of the score are derived straight from the subject matter itself: there is an interval of fifth (a C and a G) to symbolize the main characters and an another fifth (D flat and A flat), the closest possible fifth to the first one, to symbolize an alternative version of the characters in an another possible parallel universe. Pretty much the whole score is derived from these four pitches. Not that anyone is supposed to notice this while watching the film, of course, but this concept inspired me to create a unique and coherent sound world for this project. The main instrument in the score is the baroque violin which, unlike it’s modern-day version, has a more constrained and quieter tone. This felt suitable to convey a claustrophobic and anxious feel that’s prevalent in the film.” – Pessi Levanto

THE COMPOSER: Pessi Levanto has scored more than 20 full-length feature films, thirty short films and documentaries plus miscellaneous spots and commercials. His credits include the acclaimed Norwegian supernatural thriller The Innocents, the romantic comedy Body Fat Index of Love and the family adventure Rölli and the Golden Key as well as war movie Oma maa. Besides his film work, Pessi is a sought-after arranger. His project Classical Trancelations with the Helsinki Philharmonics, had sold-out shows of orchestral versions of club music classics. MovieScore Media had recently released The Film Music of Pessi Levanto, a portfolio edition of eight film scores and also issued the composer’s Amanda Award nominated score for The Innocents.

MMS23010 SUPERPOSITION (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by PESSI LEVANTO
Release date (digital/CD on demand): March 23, 2023

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