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The Flock (Guy Farley)

Exploring the darker side of his musical voice, Guy Farley (Land of the Blind and The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey) provides a truly ominous and frightening orchestral score for The Flock, a thriller starring Richard Gere and Claire Danes. In a style that will remind aficionados of Howard Shore’s eerie genre scores (Seven and Silence of the Lambs), Farley’s Flock music makes use of dark and dense orchestrations with subtle electronic elements – but it is also yet another example of the composer’s knack for thematic writing and several themes and motifs creates unity and coherence in the work.

“From the start I knew I was writing for orchestra primarily (42 strings, 8 brass, 2 bass flutes, low winds, harp, piano and percussion) but I wanted to incorporate sound design, electronic rhythmical programming and some off-kilter instruments from the Indonesian Gamelan orchestra,” the composer explains in the album liner notes. “My main theme was composed first for the character played by Richard Gere, Errol. Here was a man who had worked for 30 years for the state monitoring sex offenders, a man who, with little faith in the system or an offender’s ability to reform, had become burdened, exhausted, paranoid, lost and imprisoned by it. I wanted to convey this in my opening theme written for strings only, a kind of requiem. I developed this idea as the score unfolded, which is why it is a very ‘strings’ led score.”

This is our third project together with Guy, and definitely not our last!

MMS08014 • THE FLOCK (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by GUY FARLEY
Release date: July 29, 2008

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