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The Stranger in Our Bed (Ian Arber)

Original score from the 2022 thriller feature film directed by Giles Alderson, starring Samantha Bond, Ben Lloyd-Hughes and Andi Osho, produced by Buffalo Dragon and released by Showtime (USA) and Signature (UK).

THE STORY: A happily married woman leaves her husband for a lover who mysteriously disappears.

THE SCORE: The score for The Stranger in Our Bed has haunting melodic themes, performed by a traditional string ensemble, in combination with modern analogue synths and mysterious piano motifs to create the film’s enigmatic world. While the score begins with a melodic, romantic but mysterious tone, it progressively evolves to pulsating horror tones, and subsequently grows into a more traditional hybrid instrumentation to fully convey the sense of mystery which climaxes in the second half of the film.” Ian Arber

THE COMPOSER: Ian Arber is an emerging talent in the film music world. With a growing portfolio of work across a variety of genres, in 2016, he scored two feature documentaries about Olympic legends Usain Bolt (I Am Bolt), and Sir Mo Farah (Mo Farah: No Easy Mile). His documentary scores are characterized by strong musical contributions from musicians, such as hip-hop legend Nas appearing in the opening titles to I Am Bolt and the involvement of co-composer Blur drummer Dave Rowntree on Mo Farah: No Easy Mile. Other recent works in Arber’s filmography include assisting Joe Kraemer on the blockbuster Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation as well providing music for the BBC2 period comedy Quacks. His music for the biographical drama My Name is Lenny has been released by MovieScore Media.

MMS22040 THE STRANGER IN OUR BED (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by IAN ARBER
Release date (digital): September 5, 2022

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