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Words for an End of the World (Iván Palomares)

MovieScore Media’s most recent Spanish release is courtesy of composer Iván Palomares (Ron Hopper’s Misfortune). Palabras para un fin del mundo (Words for an End of the World) is a biographical movie about Spanish author Miguel de Unamuno, one of the most prominent victims of his country’s Civil War entrapped for life as a puppet for a system that used him until they decided he was no longer needed. The unusual movie calls for a most unorthodox score that create dramatic suspense in a story that’s essentially a documentary. Elements of the score finds its inspiration in the music of Arvo Pärt, whose tintinnabuli style is reflected in Palomares’ music.

“The score is not meant to depict suffering or be an elegy to the fallen, but rather to immerse the viewer in the nonsense and incomprehension of this period,” explains Iván Palomares about his contributions. “In order to do so, I wanted a very unusual palette of instrumental colors with raw, dirty and broken instruments creating new sounds. For the character of Miguel de Unamuno, I recorded and mixed several pianos in order to create a reflective sound on the verge of a breakdown. The circular tintinnabuli reflects on the Miguel’s imprisonment, while the investigation is represented with a ticking clock, a kind of bomb that will, ultimately explode as the investigation carries on. Finally, layers of old music, atonal harmonies, sound design elements and processed vocals complete the journey into a realm of incomprehension and reflection of how humanity’s endurance of needless conflicts.”

Spanish composer Iván Palomares graduated Summa Cum Laude from Madrid’s National Conservatory, he has composed music for Film, TV and video games. His most recent credits include the Amazon Prime original series La templanza, the Emmy International nominated series Blind Dates and Jaime Falero’s previous film Project 12: The Bunker. He has two 2018 IFMCA Nominations for Best Breakthrough Composer and Best Music in a Drama Film for En las estrellas (2018), which was also nominated for a Goya Award in the category of Best Original Score. His music for Ron Hopper’s Misfortune has been released by MovieScore Media.

MMS20031 WORDS FOR AN END OF THE WORLD (Palabras por un fin del mundo) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by IVÁN PALOMARES
Release date (digital): December 11, 2020

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