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“The backbone is a beautiful main theme that unites the protagonist couple on their way to the destiny they share: a music of love, acceptance and salvation.” (Movie Music UK)

Ron Hopper’s Misfortune (Iván Palomares)

MovieScore Media continues its exploration of Spanish film music with Ron Hopper’s Misfortune, a thrilling new orchestral score by Iván Palomares (En las estrellas), filled with engaging themes and dark orchestral writing. The music was recently nominated for the Crystal Pine Award at the International Sound & Film Music Festival.

Written and directed by Jaime Falero, the suspenseful mystery thriller is about Sara (Alyssa Lozovskaya) a beautiful young girl who returns to an old abandoned mechanical workshop in the middle of nowhere to meet her unexpected confidant, Ron Hopper (Vinnie Jones). Ron is a mysterious being who has been anchored in the same place since always, but the mysteries of his existence reach far beyond his enigmatic nature and those who learn his secrets must pay the price…

“We humans are united by the same Storm: Love and Death” – this opening dialogue of the script set the basis for the music, said Iván Palomares. “In preparation for this duality in this modern revision of Charon’s Myth, I decided to create a world of sounds that could represent both life and the afterworld, organic but unreal at the same time, all coming from sessions of string quintet, guitars and solo vocals. Love, on the other side, needed to be pure, luminous but also unattainable, binding the concept of love and death altogether through a delicate but lyrical love theme, performed by the full string orchestra, that could represent the Love of Ron Hopper, and his misfortune. Above all and woven from this musical loom, the music of Ron Hopper tells a story of one’s journey for light and redemption, reminding us of the bittersweet feeling of dealing with choices and acceptance.“

Composer Iván Palomares graduated Summa Cum Laude from Madrid’s National Conservatory, he has composed music for Film, TV and video games. His most recent credits include the Amazon Prime original series La templanza, the Emmy International nominated series Blind Dates and Jaime Falero’s previous film Project 12: The Bunker. He has two 2018 IFMCA Nominations for Best Breakthrough Composer and Best Music in a Drama Film for En las estrellas (2018), which was also nominated for a Goya Award in the category of Best Original Score.

MMS20018 RON HOPPER’S MISFORTUNE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by IVÁN PALOMARES
Release date (digital): August 21, 2020

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