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Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate (Gerrit Wunder)

MovieScore Media teams up with Gerrit Wunder (Dead Men) on the composer’s first ever electronic score for Secret Life Of A Celebrity Surrogate (also released as The Surrogate in the UK). Directed by Mark Gantt, the Lifetime original movie takes a look at the dark side of Hollywood. Charmed by the studio city’s brightest stars, Olivia Bolton (Carrie Wampler) agrees to become a surrogate mother for successful actress Ava Von Richter (Brianne Davis). But as Olivia spends more time with Ava and her husband Richard (Carl Beukes), she realizes that she and her unborn child are in undeniable danger…

Secret Life Of A Celebrity Surrogate was a very special project for me, because it marks my first fully electronic score,” explains composer Gerrit Wunder about his approach to the score. “It’s made purely using a variety of synthesizers as well as electronically altered sounds from acoustic sources, including my custom instruments, like an electric octave violin, a ‘baritone uke viola’ and an old acoustic upright piano. Being an ‘orchestral composer’, creating this fully electronic sonic world was a very rich experience. As always, it has been a huge joy to work with the brilliant director Mark Gantt, who delivered one of the best TV thrillers I ever had the pleasure to work on.”

Austrian-born composer Gerrit Wunder studied film music at the University of Music in Vienna. He is one of the few composers who consecutively won both the ASCAP Competition and BMI Award for Aspiring Film Composers. His list of documentary credits include The Sound of Hollywood (about Max Steiner) and Na-Naia: Legend of the Dolphins featuring Kate Winslet, Daryl Hannah and Megan Fox. Gerrit also worked alongside composer Rupert Gregson-Williams on Postman Pat – The Movie, scored the TV Pilot Dawn for MGM, directed by Robert Stromberg (Maleficent) as well as nature- and sports documentaries for “Red Bull Media”. Gerrit Wunder resides in Los Angeles. His scores for Kiss the Devil in the Dark and Creatures of Whitechapel are released by ScreamWorks Records, while Dead Men is available from MovieScore Media.

MMS20027 SECRET LIFE OF A CELEBRITY SURROGATE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (digital): October 23, 2020

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