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The Fight for Greenland (Uno Helmersson)

Following the releases of On the President’s Orders (2020) and Heartbound (2020), MovieScore Media once again teams up with composer Uno Helmersson for a documentary discussing some unusual aspects of Nordic life. Directed by Kenneth Sorento, The Fight for Greenland the film follows four strong-willed and dynamic young Greenlanders that deeply disagree on which direction their country should follow, but all are fighting for a better Greenland. With a strong focus on its Inuit protagonists, the film asks important questions about the Native population’s right for governing their own land, Denmark’s claims over the world’s largest island as well as important environmental issues that might affect the whole planet.

“Kenneth Sorento is a magnificent director who really brought enthusiasm and inspiration into the work with the score on this film,” says composer Uno Helmersson about the project. “I am proud of being a part of such an important film about identity and the complexity of sovereignty. The timbre of the score is generally quite serene but yet powerful. It emphasizes the emotional imprint of struggling for your rights to your land and your identity with my favourite pieces being ‘Declare Independence’, ‘Part of Me’ and ‘The Icebergs’.”

Uno Helmersson was born in the village of Botsmark in Sweden in 1977. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm in 2006 and has since then worked as composer in the international film and television industry. His credits include contributions to the score of the highly acclaimed television series The Bridge and Armadillo, a multiple award-winning documentary about the war in Afghanistan. More recently his work was featured in the Department Q films The Keeper of Lost Causes and The Absent One – these collaborations with Johan Söderqvist and Patrik Andrén have been released by MovieScore Media. His latest releases with the label include the documentaries Magnus (2016), On the President’s Orders (2020) and Heartbound (2020).

MMS20012 THE FIGHT FOR GREENLAND (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by UNO HELMERSSON
Release date (digital): June 19, 2020

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