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Crestfallen (Den som söker) (Henrik Skram)

Original score from the 2013 drama thriller feature film directed by Johan Lundh, starring Josephine Bornebuch, Björn Granath and Louise Peterhoff, produced by Untitled Pictures and released by Njutafilms (Sweden).

THE STORY: Her parents dead, Tuva discovers that she is adopted, and she and her daughter begin trying to find their hidden roots. This leads back to the small town where she grew up, but it seems people are desperately trying to hide something…

THE SCORE: The score for Crestfallen takes a sophisticated journey into dark territories with an emphasis on strings and piano, sometimes using unusual instrumental techniques to create an unsettling accompaniment to the story about a woman who, after her parents’ death in a car crash, finds out that she is adopted. Henrik Skram also uses some exciting brass writing for the more dramatic sequences in the film. Stylishly bookending the album are two compositions by Antonio Vivaldi that are featured in the film score.

THE COMPOSER: Norwegian composer Henrik Skram studied composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and at the Norwegian Academy of Music. His writing is characterized by clear themes that work outside their movies too. His music for 90 Minutes was headlined by a beautiful waltz while Crestfallen features inventive brass writing for the heroine’s journey into the past to find her real parents. Both these scores are also remarkable for their inventive use of classical pieces by Puccini and Vivaldi respectively.

MMD0030 CRESTFALLEN (Den som söker) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by HENRIK SKRAM
Release date (digital): April 22, 2013

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